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2016 – 2021

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CloseBrace was a JavaScript tutorial website focusing on React, Express, and ES6. It was built, launched, and run by Christopher Buecheler, who also provided all of the content. He is currently writing this in the third person, and feels very strange about that, so let's switch to first person, shall we?

I founded CloseBrace in late 2016 and it was my full-time job for over a year and a half. Sadly I was never able to reliably generate revenue, and after some time working half-time on the site and half-time as a contractor, I accepted that it wasn't going to be my forever business and returned to full-time contracting (sorry, folks, I'm taken: I've since assumed a role as VP of Web Applications at a promising IoT startup).

I left CloseBrace up as a resource for people, but it's now reached a point where the tutorials are going out of date, and I don't have the bandwidth to keep them current. As a result, it's time to close this thing down. Thanks to everyone who participated! I know I was able to help a lot of people, and even get some people started on successful career changes, and that makes me really happy and proud. I've got nothing but love for CloseBrace, for the JavaScript community, and for the many web developers out there who are continuing to produce quality educational content for their peers. I'll leave you with a list of some of those very folks, who you should definitely check out.

Thanks again for stopping by and good luck on your coding journey!



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