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Dead Simple React Native

Know React? Then you could be building native mobile applications for iOS and Android in a week.

What's Stopping You?

If you’re a React developer, you’ve probably heard about React Native. Maybe you’ve even looked into it a bit, exploring tools or tutorials that might help you pick it up. What you’ve probably found is a lot of stuff that

  • Jumps in at too high a level
  • Assumes you know stuff you don’t
  • Is half-finished or glosses over important information
  • Doesn’t even work anymore

Dead Simple React Native is a full, step-by-step course that will get you up and running with React Native. You’ll build a complete, functioning application that will work on both Android and iOS devices, and you’ll learn exactly what every line of code is doing.

We don’t call it Dead Simple for nothing. Everything is explained, from setup, to code, to visual styling, in a series of lessons that feature both full text and full video instruction, allowing you to learn in whichever way is most comfortable for you. In our basic course, you’ll build the complete app. Pick up our advanced course, and you’ll learn about adding type-checking, testing your code, testing your app, and deployment to app stores. At the end, you’ll have all of the tools you need to move forward with React Native development, confident that you can tackle future challenges.

I’m so confident this course will help you learn React Native that I offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Here's the app we'll be building together!

Dead Simple Podcasts - Home Screen Dead Simple Podcasts - Detail Screen Dead Simple Podcasts - Add New Podcast Screen Dead Simple Podcasts - Settings Screen

“CloseBrace really helped me in shifting my career from being a BioInformatician to a Web Developer. With his clear and instructive tutorials I was able to launch my first React site in two months’ time. Without CloseBrace, I wouldn't have managed.” Sjors van Heuveln

“Great tutorial, thanks! Very clear and simple instructions. You definitely deserve more subscribers.” Timo Ernst

“Thank you for the tutorial series and all the useful stuff you are providing. It helped me get confident with React and understand many basics.” Samos

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About The Author

I’m Christopher Buecheler, founder of CloseBrace and a self-taught web developer with over 20 years of professional experience. I’ve worked for a variety of internet companies, I love to share what I’ve learned, and I’ve been writing tutorials on various subjects since I was in my teens. I believe tutorials should be thorough, fun to follow, and accessible to developers of all skill levels! The way I see it: I spend my time yelling at my computer so that you don’t have to.

What Are the Prerequisites?

This course is intended for developers who are already experienced with React and understand things like components and state, and are comfortable working with the latest JavaScript versions (eg: ES2017). If you're looking to learn React, we humbly suggest our step-by-step Five Minute React course, which will give you all of the skills you need to take Dead Simple React Native, and more!

What Do I Get?

The Dead Simple Podcasts app that we’ll build together in this course is an extremely basic podcast player. It ingests an RSS feed, loads the podcast data, and allows you to play each entry. It has a few bells and whistles, such as auto-refreshing the feed, and an eye-pleasing design.

Topics covered during the building of the application include:

  • Accessing your device’s audio functionality
  • Downloading resources from the internet
  • Navigating between screens
  • Rendering list views
  • Native transitions and animations
  • Custom styling of native components

Full Course Listing

Dead Simple React Native 01 - What is React Native and Why Should You Use It?

Dead Simple React Native 02 - Create React Native App and the Expo Platform

Dead Simple React Native 03 - Basic Setup: Installing CRNA & Expo

Dead Simple React Native 04 - Basic Setup: Installing Device Emulators

Dead Simple React Native 05 - CRNA Scaffolding: What Gets Created For You?

Dead Simple React Native 06 - Installing Modules and Advanced Setup

Dead Simple React Native 07 - Building Components

Dead Simple React Native 08 - Component: App.js

Dead Simple React Native 09 - Shared Components

Dead Simple React Native 10 - Home Screen and Container

Dead Simple React Native 11 - Add Screen and Container

Dead Simple React Native 12 - Detail Screen and Container

Dead Simple React Native 13 - Settings Screen

Dead Simple React Native 14 - React Native Style API

Dead Simple React Native 15 - Importing and Using Images

Dead Simple React Native 16 - Tying It All Together

Dead Simple React Native 17 - The Expo API

Dead Simple React Native 18 - Navigation

Dead Simple React Native 19 - The Store: It's Just a Big Object (sometimes)

Dead Simple React Native 20 - Functionality: App.js and Shared Components

Dead Simple React Native 21 - Functionality: Home Screen

Dead Simple React Native 22 - Functionality: Add Screen

Dead Simple React Native 23 - Functionality: Details Screen

Dead Simple React Native 24 - Functionality: Settings

Dead Simple React Native 25 - Wrapup

Dead Simple React Native 26 - Type-Checking With Flow: Setup

Dead Simple React Native 27 - Type-Checking With Flow: Execution

Dead Simple React Native 28 - Testing With Jest Snapshots

Dead Simple React Native 29 - Testing With Jest: Enzyme

Dead Simple React Native 30 - Beta Testing: Android

Dead Simple React Native 31 - Beta Testing: iOS

Dead Simple React Native 32 - Building and Deployment

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Dead Simple React Native is on the way! We're writing and recording the lessons right now, with the plan to get them into your hands this summer. You can sign up now to be notified when the course becomes available.

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Help! I lost my email

Drop me a line and we’ll get you sorted out.

What Version of React Native does this cover?

The course was written for React Native v1.0.0. It should be applicable for many future versions.

What about Redux?

Redux can definitely be used with React Native, but to keep this course shorter and easier to digest, and because we’re developing a very simple application, I’ve chosen to handle application state without it.

How do I view the videos?

All videos are embedded in the lessons. If you purchased the pro tier, you can also download the files for local viewing.

If you buy the full version, you'll get a full course listing too, but you can also download all the videos as sweet, sweet, 1080p resolution MP4 files. The total size of the course is approximately 11.5 GB.

Do you offer support?

Yes and no. I do hang out in the Slack and will help you get unstuck, but I don’t debug code.

How Long is the Money-Back Guarantee Good For?

Thirty days from date of purchase. If during that time you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, I'll refund 100%.

I live in a country with a much lower yearly average income than the US. Do you offer discounts for that?

Absolutely. Contact me and I'll get you taken care of.

I’m a broke student. Can I get a discount?

Yep! Just get in touch and I’ll send you the details.