New to Express.js and looking for a handy syntax reference? You can grab this beautifully-designed cheatsheet in high-res PDF form for free. It fits nicely on an 8.5"x11" piece of paper (or A4 for our European friends). Just enter your email address below and we'll send you the cheat sheet!

Here's what you'll find in your inbox:

  • High-res Cheat Sheet PDF
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  • Some other cool Express.js resources

Who Built This?

I'm Chris Buecheler, the founder of CloseBrace, a full-stack JavaScript training site. I've been working with Node and Express since 2013. In fact, this very website runs on them. I created this cheat sheet because I thought it would be a handy resource not just for new users, but also for practiced hands who, if they're anything like me, occasionally need a refresher on syntax. Whatever your expertise level, I hope it's useful for you!