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    What You’ll Learn

    At CloseBrace, JavaScript is our bread and butter. Our JS Quick Hits newsletter delivers a short tutorial each week, typically highlighting newer functionality introduced by the various ES updates. Here are some recent examples:

    • Array.filter() - A bunch of new Array methods were introduced in ES 2015 (aka ES6). Let's take a quick look at one of them!
    • For / Of Loop - A new loop introduced in ES 2015 plays great with iterators ... or plain old arrays.
    • Variable Destructuring - This is a personal favorite new feature of mine. Learn how to destructure your variables!
    • Rest Operator - The rest operator makes it easier than ever to build functions that can take any number of arguments.

    Every email contains a full tutorial and includes a link to a full video version. Each tutorial features complete, syntax-highlighted code samples (if your client supports HTML email). They look like this:

    code sample example

    Newsletter not enough? We’ve got you covered with an ever-growing library of in-depth courses covering all of the buzzwords: Node.js, React and React Native, Redux, Babel, Webpack, MongoDB, and more.

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    About CloseBrace

    I’m Christopher Buecheler, a self-taught web developer with over 20 years of professional experience. I’ve worked as a developer for a variety of internet companies. I founded CloseBrace because I love the tech I work with and wanted to share what I’ve learned with other developers. I believe anyone can learn Node, Express, React, or anything else they’d like, and I want to help you do it!

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    “CloseBrace really helped me in shifting my career from being a BioInformatician to a Web Developer. With his clear and instructive tutorials I was able to launch my first React site in two months’ time. Without CloseBrace, I wouldn't have managed.”Sjors van Heuveln

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    “Your 5 Minute ReactJS course is, in my opinion, the best React course out there. I searched high and low for someway to start using React and until I found @closebracejs I was totally lost. I am incredibly excited for the React native course you have coming.”Nick Wood

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